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    Hungry For Healing: A Diabetes Breakthrough

    “Do you love yourself enough to want to heal, and potentially add 10 to 19 healthy years to your life?”—Gabriel Cousens, MD, There is a Cure For Diabetes, Revised Edition

    I’ve been away from this blog for a while—three years to be precise. Thanks to green juice fasting and an organic, raw, nutrient-dense, low-glycemic (and delicious and satisfying) diet of whole living foods, I had lowered my fasting blood sugar from over 300 to below 100 in five days—without medication.

    This program (which also includes fasting, spiritual practice and exercise) was developed and honed at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, as part its signature “Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days” program. I was fortunate enough to visit the center in September 2009 for a three-day “Whole-Person Assessment.”

    Despite the remarkable reversal of type 2 diabetes reported in my initial blog, my blood sugar readings slowly crept back into the unhealthy zone.

    How did this happen?

    Yes, I was still eating a raw, vegan, whole-food organic diet, but I was also occasionally eating other foods that drove my blood sugar up.

    I’d slipped back into drinking a little coffee every morning with milk, munching on a little cheese, sipping a little red wine, and enjoying a couple of free-range eggs once in a while. They were all organic so it was okay, right? Wild salmon was rich in omega 3s, so that was a good thing too, was it not? I also took lots of vitamins and was very active.

    But “a little of this” and “a little of that” is what conventional medicine tells you is okay. (Just take your Metformin, right?) They call it moderation, and moderation kills. To truly be cured from diabetes, you must be willing to stay the course.

    My retinopathy finally reached the point that I needed laser surgery and injections—in both eyes. My toes still tingled at night. My heart rate and blood pressure continued to climb. I had osteoporosis. The situation came to a head last year when I fractured two bones: the proximal humerus of my left arm in March, and in mid-November, I displaced the neck of my femur and required emergency surgery for a half (hemi) hip replacement. I was hospitalized for five days, during which time I was not able to eat my usual diet of leafy green vegetables, avocados, nuts, seeds and superfoods. My blood sugar went off the charts, and they even gave me injections of insulin!

    When I came home, what followed were several weeks of very limited movement. I was taking pain meds every five hours, sleeping poorly and having high blood pressure and panic attacks at night. Despite a return to my healthy diet, my blood sugars were “sticking” in high ranges. On my last test, my hemoglobin A1c had climbed all the way up to 7.3.

    This had to stop, now!! I was at real risk of losing toes, losing eyesight, losing everything.

    In April 2013, Dr. Gabriel Cousens published the second edition of his groundbreaking book, There is a Cure for Diabetes, which was instrumental in my earlier success. I downloaded the book to my Kindle and spent four days immersed in it. This virtually all-new edition is rich in research, full of statistics regarding the current global pandemic (it’s predicted that the number of people with diabetes will climb to 380 million if we don’t take action) and loaded with all the tools you need to heal yourself from diabetes and its devastating complications.

    The path to healing described by the author is simple and straightforward:

    “The Dr. Cousens’s Diabetes Recovery Program—A Holistic Approach diet in Phase 1.0 is a plant-source-only, live-food cuisine of no grains, fruits, white sugar, white flour, or fructose in the diet, with unrestricted consumption of nuts, seeds, avocados, and other fatty plant-source foods and moderate amounts of high-quality omega-3 fats and saturated fats.”

    This time, I vowed, I was going to get it right.

    This was it—no more caffeine, dairy, eggs, salmon or alcohol.

    I began a green juice fast at home that day (thanks to my husband Kenny for his faithful juicing while I was still healing) and after the first few days began alternating juicing and organic, raw, whole-foods completely sourced from plants, seeds, nuts and superfoods. (I’ve developed a simple, delicious “salad” that is actually a complete meal with endless variations in taste and texture, but we’ll get to that later…)

    My numbers began to come down, at first slowly, grudgingly…

    232, 221, 298, 195…

    Sometimes the readings were high for no apparent reason. I envisioned my red blood cells “soaked” with blood glucose—they didn’t want to give it up. They were clinging to their damaging lifestyle, but they had finally met their match:

    118, 100, 96, 83, 73.

    I’d begun the Phase 1 program on December 12, 2013 and achieved the a fasting blood glucose reading of 73 on New Year’s Day!

    In fact, within seven days, my fasting blood glucose had already fallen into the 80s and low 90s, and the peaks were also beginning to taper off. Occasionally I would goof up (like a sip of red wine or some hummus), and get a spike up to 178 or so, but my levels also came down increasingly fast. Lessons learned.

    “I am healing!” I wrote in my logbook. We were finally getting somewhere.

    It will be two more months before my body has cleared its cells of the damaging byproducts of glucose and the pancreas is able to restart its production of insulin in the beta cells. According to Dr. Cousens, the body actually resets its cellular DNA within 21 days! That means the diet is literally shifting the genetics that run the body.

    Okay, I messed up the first time around and fell back into the pot (so to speak), but I’m back, and I’m dedicated to bringing you my message of hope and healing based on very real science.

    Dr. Cousens has consistently proven his approach at his Tree of Life centers worldwide, where 100% of patients in his 21-Day Reversing Diabetes program were off all medication within three weeks. In addition, 61% had a fasting blood sugar of less than 100 by the end of the program—considered a cure. Even Type 1 diabetics, long considered “incurable,” enjoyed a success rate of something like 33% in the program, which also features a two-year follow-up and support from the Tree of Life staff.

    Here’s the biggest thing to know if you want total healing:

    What you are eating today, no matter how well intentioned, is probably not the answer…. And the drugs you are taking will only delay the onset of some very serious complications, from blindness to amputation to kidney failure. (And did you know that diabetic meds are now the fourth leading cause of death for diabetics?)

    The road map is there. This program is like a clean install of your computer’s hard drive as you reboot your metabolism. It is truly a fresh start.

    Read the book. You can download an excerpt here:

    It’s all there. Just follow the map.

    Yes, you will need some willpower. You have to be willing to ignore some serious hunger pangs. Your body will fight you, cajole you, do everything it can to break down your resolve.

    But the good news is: those hunger pangs won’t last forever. Within about five to seven days, your body, mind and spirit will adapt. Your determination will grow as you see the numbers come into the normal fasting range of 75-85.

    Think of it this way: Hunger is a sign you are healing!! You need to learn to love and honor that feeling of hunger.

    I typically eat two of my special Tree of Life-inspired salads (a brilliantly delicious medley of raw green organic veggies tossed with nuts, seeds and superfoods and dressed in omega 3 healthy oils) a day, the first around 11 a.m. and the second around 6 p.m., which means I am doing at least one mini-fast every day. I will have a handful of nuts as a snack. I take lots of targeted supplements, which I will discuss in a future blog.

    You will detox. If you drank a lot of coffee, or even a little bit of caffeine, expect to have headaches. They, too, will recede in a few days. Drink lots of herbal and detox teas. Drinks lots of fresh pure water.

    Remind yourself to ignore your spouse’s continuation of those rituals you must give up to be healed—the morning cup of coffee with cream, a snack of cheese, eggs, salmon and other cooked foods…. Just let it go… there is something much better in store for you.

    It’s hard no matter how you cut it!! You really have to want to change.

    But you can do it! As Dr. Cousens writes, “Once you recognize that Type-2 diabetes, properly addressed, can be a benign disease and that Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome (CDDS) and even full-blown diabetes, with all its complications, need not exist and can be reversed, a sense of determination will permeate your being, driving you toward a realization of a healthy physiology and lifestyle that is beyond what you may have ever imagined.”

    This time I’ve got the numbers locked in, and we’re not going back.

    In my next blog post I will begin to introduce you to the fundamentals of the diet, what we call the Sassy Salad Secret.

    For more information about Dr. Cousens’ revolutionary approach and the Tree of Life center, visit

    Blood Sugar Boogie: You Can Beat Diabetes!

    There are over 24 million people in this country with diabetes (and nearly twice that number have pre-diabetes), and most do not know there is a simple, delicious, easy way to quickly reverse it—without medication.

    I speak from hard-won experience….

    After several months following the “recommended” diet and medication to little avail, I checked in to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, with my Type II diabetes, in the words of my Tucson naturopath, “raging out of control.” Fasting blood-glucose readings averaging 320 (80 is normal) and often spiking over 400 had left me with numb toes, a racing heartbeat and a very confused GI tract. As you know, diabetes causes myriad, often deadly, health problems, including blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, limb amputations and strokes.

    I came home from a three-day “Whole-Person Assessment” at the Tree of Life with dramatically reduced blood-sugar readings—a direct result of the center’s “Phase I,” low-glycemic, raw vegan diet. Within three days my fasting blood glucose had dipped below 100 for the first time in over a year.

    I leapt into my new diet and lifestyle a woman on a mission.

    For the last 18 months, I’ve been checking my blood sugar levels two to three times per day and have kept a journal, tracking my diet, supplements, energy levels, sleep patterns, mood and more.

    Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ groundbreaking book, There is a Cure for Diabetes, and the documentary Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, filmed at his Tree of Life center, have been my inspiration and road maps to healing.

    When I share my story, I am deluged with questions: “How do you make the salads?” “What do you eat?” “Is it difficult?” “What is spirulena?” People are hungry for this information; I believe the world is ready for a major shift. We know there is a better way!

    Diabetes has given me a laser-beam focus on all that is important in life—from emotional healing to exercise to diet to gratitude and spirituality. I am fast regaining energy, strength and vitality, and am grateful every day to be on this healing path.

    Recently I was interviewed for the lead story in the January 2010 issue of Dr. Steve Sinatra’s Heart, Health & Nutrition newsletter ( My story, “How Bobbie Jo Reversed Her Diabetes,” appears alongside the interview of Dr. Cousens, revealing how the Tree of Life organic, raw vegan diet can be a breakthrough for diabetics.

    Interest in the Tree of Life center’s 21-Day Reversing Diabetes program, which runs an approximately 85 percent success rate, is burgeoning. Two months ago I was invited to be a guest speaker to the group, sharing my experience of how to sustain the program when they return home. My salad-making demo was a big hit, and the 30 participants devoured every shred of my salad.

    Diabetes is the cruel stepchild of 30 years of deteriorating nutrition in the US, a disease that most believe can only be controlled with medication. But nondrug solutions are here. The PBS special, “Taking Control of Diabetes,” with Dr. Neal Barnard, features a vegan diet built around salads. The book Raw Food For Real People (New World Library, 2010), by Rod Rotondi, speaks to the emerging realization that we can heal ourselves from chronic illness, including diabetes, if we eat living food.

    The 24 million people with diabetes in this country need to know they can succeed—I have done it, and it is now my life’s mission to share that message. Stay tuned to this site for much more, including recipes to begin reversing or preventing diabetes in yourself and your loved ones.